Let us pray, peace be with us:

"The Cross that has been the cause of our good and by which our mortal humanity was set free,
O Lord, be for us a strong fortress. And by this Cross, we shall overcome the wicked one and All his devices."

(Syro-Malabar Qurbana)

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                     THE NAZRANI        “The Truth will make you free”

--------------------------------------------------------------------------------------            Vol.19, No. 12            New Delhi            Christmas, 2009                         --------------------------------------------------------------------------------------



The era in which we live has little appreciation for mystery, less capacity for rejoicing in that which it cannot understand rationally. The dream of the good life eludes us. The threat of terrorism chills us. If we find little in God’s creation in which to delight and rejoice, how can we possibly find joy in a mystery beyond all understanding, a mystery that points us to the Kingdom in which all will be fulfilled, perfected, and revealed?


Indeed, the birth of Our Lord Iso Misiha is filled with great mystery. The virgin gives birth, yet she remains a virgin. God takes on our human nature, yet He remains that which He is from all eternity. The King of All reigns from a cave, rather than a sumptuous palace. The manger becomes His throne; simple shepherds, His court. The angels serve as His messengers; the powerful of the world, His enemies. The Misiha comes unto His own; despite centuries of anticipation, they fail to recognize Him as the Living Word the written word joyously reveals.


Beyond the externals, beyond the world’s inability to grasp this mystery, lies a joyful reality beyond all understanding and earthly wisdom. The love God offers us through the incarnation of His Son transcends all understanding, yet it is real, freely offered as a gift to all who accept it and share it and delight in it. Through the eyes of faith alone do we discover that which is beyond all understanding and rejoice in the reality of God’s love for us, sinful as we are.


The Nazrani extends its best wishes to our readers and well wishers for a joy-filled celebration of the Nativity of our Lord Iso Misiha and a New Year that is abundant in divine blessings. May the Lord continue to bless us all with health, happiness, and all that is needful for eternal life in the Kingdom of Heaven.




Fr James Chavarapuzha

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