Let us pray, peace be with us:

"The Cross that has been the cause of our good and by which our mortal humanity was set free,
O Lord, be for us a strong fortress. And by this Cross, we shall overcome the wicked one and All his devices."

(Syro-Malabar Qurbana)

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Ruhalaya Seminary, Ujjain

Ruhalaya Seminary, Ujjain

St Mary's Church, Kavali

























St George's Church, Kanjiradukkom, Tellicherry 

St George's Church, Kanjiradukkom, Tellicherry 

St Alphonsa Chapel, Bharananganam, Palai



























 Mangalavartha Church, Arumanoor, Changanacherry 

St Ephrem's Seminary, Satna 

St Antony's Church, Anakkal, Kanjirapally




























Martha Mariam Church, Cheppumpara, Changanacherry

Sts Peter and Paul Church, Elanji, Palai 

St Joseph's Church, Mannanam, Changanacherry 




























Fathima Matha Church, Mlamala, Kanjirapally 

St Mary's Church, Podimattam, Kanjirapally 

St Antony's Church, Vaisyambhagam, Changanacherry 

























St Mary's Forane Church, Athirampuzha, Changanacherry

St Joseph's Church, Veroor, Changanacherry

Mar Sleeva Forane Church, Cherpunkal, Palai


























St Thomas Church, Doha, Qatar

St Thomas Church, Doha, Qatar

St George's Forane Church, Edathua, Changanacherry

























Mar Thoma Shleeha Cathedral, Chicago

Mar Thoma Shleeha Cathedral, Chicago

Mar Thoma Shleeha Cathedral, Chicago

























Mar Thoma Shleeha, Cathedral, Chicago

Sacred Heart Church, Chethipuzha, Changanacherry

Mother of Victory Church, Tikujiniwadi, Kalyan



























St Mary's Metropolitan Church, Changanacherry 

St George's Church, Cheeramchira, Changanacherry 

Holy Ghost Forane Church, Muttuchira, Palai













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