Let us pray, peace be with us:

"The Cross that has been the cause of our good and by which our mortal humanity was set free,
O Lord, be for us a strong fortress. And by this Cross, we shall overcome the wicked one and All his devices."

(Syro-Malabar Qurbana)

The Thomas Christians of the Church of the East were popularly known, in their good old times, with the honourable title "Nazrani". They belong to the Apostolic Church founded by St. Thomas in 52 A.D. Many of us do not know the history of our own Mother Church, especially the younger generation of migrant Thomas Christians of the Church of the East settled in different parts of India and abroad. Hence, the Syro Malabar Catholic Association, New Delhi, through this site would like to conscientize its people of their heritage and patrimony, identity and individuality.  It is not for boasting about our antiquity and Apostolic origin, but to enhance our love and esteem for our Mother Church. As we are in diaspora, far away from our native places, there is the possibility of forgetting our identity and not recognising even our Mother, The Church of the East of the Thomas Christians. Unless we know, how can we love? It is the lack of real knowledge that gives rise to disputes and controversiews even in high places.   



The Church of the East of the Thomas Christians to be aware of its mission in the Catholic Church and grow into maturity by becoming aware of its heritage, legitimate rights and obligations, thereby playing a unique role by remaining faithful to its Holy Traditions.


To conscientize people of our heritage, patrimony, identity and individuality inorder to enhance love and esteem for our Mother Church. By giving paramount importance to issues and not personalities, ‘The Nazrani’ believes and practices collective leadership and responsibility in letter and spirit, thereby justifying its philosophy of issue based journalism. Standing for justice, unity and legitimate rights of our community, ‘The Nazrani’ states with conviction, sincerity and boldness, whatever it believes, without fear or favour and hence promising to try its best to justify the confidence and goodwill reposed on it.